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Jessie Aw-Zoretic, MB ChB


Ann & Robert H Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

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Pediatric Radiology Highlight

Join us as Jessie Aw-Zoretic, MD highlights Pediatric Radiology.

Session sponsored by: 

The Society for Pediatric Radiology

The Society for Pediatric Radiology is dedicated to fostering excellence in pediatric health care through imaging and image-guided care.

We believe that every member of The Society for Pediatric Radiology should be valued and feel included. All voices should be heard.

To assure a collaborative and inclusive culture, all members should conduct themselves in a professional manner, respect all individuals, including patients and
co-workers, and advocate for those unable to do so for themselves. We welcome all members and value diversity. We shall not discriminate based upon race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, religion, ability, or experience.

While we embrace free speech and the power of open discourse and debate during our professional society meetings as well as on social media platforms, we do not condone any forms of harassment, bullying behaviors, or speech that marginalizes or attacks others. Communication and inquiry should be based upon scientific curiosity and professional respect.

By upholding this endorsed Statement of Professionalism, we promise to treat each human being with steadfast dignity, kindness, and respect so that our central mission remains focused on providing exceptional and compassionate care for all.

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