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November 5th, 2022 9 am - 1 pm


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Mona Gupta

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Mona Gupta MD, FSIR is an interventional radiologist at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. After completing her residency at Emory University and fellowship at Northwestern, she stayed on staff where she serves as the Service Chief of IR at the Jesse Brown VA and the Clerkship Director for medical student IR rotations at Northwestern. Her clinical interests include superficial venous disease, treatment of chronic venous ulcers and pelvic venous insufficiency in women.



Associate Professor of Radiology
Section of Interventional Radiology

Abstract Paint

Interventional Radiology embodies healthcare reform. With interventions, both diagnostic and therapeutic, in nearly every body system, interventional radiologists offer minimally invasive, image guided treatments that are safe and effective alternatives to surgery. Patients have shorter recovery times and avoid the risks of anesthesia. Driven by innovation, the field is constantly growing and evolving.

Mona Gupta

Northwestern Memorial Hospital


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