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Bringing Radiology to Everyone.

November 5th, 2022 9 am - 1 pm


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Faaiza Mahmoud, MD

Loyola University Medical Center

Faaiza Mahmoud, MD is a Body radiologist with expertise in Abdominopelvic imaging and special interest in CT Colonography. Her practice primarily involves oncologic and transplant imaging. She is the Loyola Body Imaging Fellowship Director and is on several departmental and residency committees. She passionately works as an educator to not only pass on knowledge of the field of radiology but also to foster compassion and resilience in all trainees.  She serves as a mentor for Stritch medical students, currently via the Loyola AMWA mentorship program and in the past via the Loyola Radiology Interest group and South Asian Medical Student Association.  She was invited by the IL state medical board for their 2019 Resident event for medical students. She takes pride in being a woman in medicine and is a member of Loyola Women's faculty committee and was a panel member for a local AMWA chapter meeting. Service is important to her and she gives back to her department, to the medical school, national societies and her community via various endeavors including Loyola Radiology Wellness Committee, Faculty Ambassador to Stritch School of Medicine, Admission committees for SSOM, RadExam editor, SABI scientific committee and finally as Eagle Coach, Service Chair and merit badge counselor for a local Boy Scouts Troop.  



Associate Professor, Radiology
Fellowship Director, Body Imaging
Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

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I'm passionate about Radiology because it hones my skills as a problem solver. Radiologists are important part of the medical care team because they solve puzzles and fill in the gaps in patient work-ups.

Faaiza Mahmoud, MD

Loyola University Medical Center


Women in Radiology

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