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Event Date: Saturday, March 16th, 2024

Event Time: 9am - 1 pm (CST)
Event Address: Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Conference center, 3rd floor Feinberg building, 251 E Huron street, Chicago, IL-60611. 

RadExpo 2024 Event registration

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How did you hear about the RadExpo?
Conference registration is free. Food and beverages are included in the free registration. I understand that I pay for my own travel and accommodation.
Which of the following sessions are you interested in learning about at the RadExpo? (Choose all that apply)
Radiologists have job security always
Radiologists as a specialty has more diversity and inclusivity compared to other medical specialties.
Radiologists experience less burnout than other specialties.
Radiology specialty has more availability and better mentorship compared to other specialties
Do you think Artificial Intelligence will replace radiologists in future?

Survey questions
Please answer these 5 short survey questions (for high school students, premedical students only)

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Welcome to the Expo

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