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March 16th, 2024

Venue: 3rd fl, Feinberg, NMH, 251E Huron. (9am-1pm)

The RadExpo Offers

Vendor/Professional Exposure 

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with some of the industry’s leading companies all in one place. Representatives will be available at each booth to explain how they can help you perform your roles and responsibilities even better when you return to work.

Networking Opportunities

Don’t miss the opportunity to network with experts and radiologists at the top of their field. Conversations with a Radiologist allows you the chance to get a front row seat into a day in the life of a Radiologist. 

Educational Resources

We have a library of resources for educational enrichment from experts in the field of Radiology. We have resources across multiple sub-specialties to provide you with all the resources on your Radiology journey.

Our Story & Mission

It all begins with YOU

Our story is your story and we believe YOU are our future colleagues, radiologists & leaders. We are a group of dedicated and enthusiastic radiologists whose mission is to support students exploring or preparing for a career in radiology through intentional inclusion and collaboration. We aim to inspire students from all backgrounds, cultures and heritage. Through these efforts, we hope to improve the recruitment of diverse, caring, and enthusiastic physicians into radiology.

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Unique Visitors


Over the past two years our site has had sustained visitors all year round providing resources to aspiring Radiologists and professionals all year round.



We have seen sustained growth of visitors and participants in the expo year over year. 



We have a diverse audience of participants from around the world that you will gain exposure to from many different institutions. 



We have attendees and participants from different universities, affiliations, hospitals and other institutions. 

RadExpo by the Numbers

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