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Bringing Radiology to Everyone.

March 16th, 2024 9 am - 1 pm

One to One Connection

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2016 - 2020

Developed and focused on bridging the gender and minority gap in radiology by offering a free expo for Radiology resources.

Since 2016, formerly the Radiology Expo & Chicagoland Radiology Expo, now called the RadExpo, has reached hundreds of medical students, both nationally and internationally, and has helped encourage many medical students to pursue careers in radiology. Originally hosted by the University of Chicago’s Department of Radiology Diversity & Inclusion Council, the expo is a free, hands-on experience designed to introduce medical students to radiology and radiation oncology and to encourage more women and people who are traditionally considered underrepresented minorities (URM) in particular to join the specialty.

Our Innovative Founders.

The RadExpo was founded, originally, as the Chicagoland Radiology Expo in 2015 by our founders. Their mission was to bring Radiology opportunity, and education to the Chicagoland area. Fast forward to today, we are expanding that vision to bring Radiology to Everyone.  



Yang, MD

Radiologists provide important diagnostic information and sometimes perform minimally invasive interventions - both of which clinicians heavily depend on to care for patients with a variety of pathologies. We see things in patients others can't.



Petrovic, MD

Radiology is fun and makes a big impact in patient care!



Kulkarni, MD

Radiology is the FUTURE. It is at the intersection of technology and medicine.

2020 - 2021

In 2020, the event transitioned to a virtual platform, reaching students across the U.S. and around the world.

The expo continued to gain success. When COVID-19 began to threaten the U.S., the planning process for the 2020 expo had just begun. Faced with a decision to cancel the event or pivot to a virtual platform, the planning committee unanimously agreed to host the event virtually.

“Because we could reach more students and we had never used a digital platform for the event, this was our most ambitious year. We were nervous but excited about these opportunities,” Yang says. “Without geographical limitations, we blanketed medical schools and residency programs in every state with digital promotional flyers. In fact, when I interviewed medical students this year from all over the country, they had all heard about our expo.” The planning committee also heavily promoted the event on social media.

2022 - Beyond

In 2022, we became RadExpo to include & expand for a broader reach. Our website is available year round with free resources from prior events. 

Our story is your story and we believe YOU are our future colleagues, radiologists & leaders. We are a group of dedicated and enthusiastic radiologists whose mission is to support students exploring or preparing for a career in radiology through intentional inclusion and collaboration. We aim to inspire students from all backgrounds, cultures and heritage. Through these efforts, we hope to improve the recruitment of diverse, caring, and enthusiastic physicians into radiology. 

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